A busy conference season

The end of undergraduate teaching always comes with a sense of achievement for getting another cohort of students through our degree programmes, and an opportunity for us to reflect on our teaching over the summer. Over the last few weeks members of Newcastle Educators have been sharing their teaching practice and learning from others by attending a range of conferences and meetings.

First up, Claire attended the Assessment in Higher Education conference in Manchester and heard from a range of speakers on their innovative assessment and feedback. This overlapped with Phil heading north to Edinburgh to present work on embedding employability and transferable skills in the second year of a Mathematics and Statistics degree at the Horizons in STEM conference. Sara travelled a bit further afield to present work on the links between teaching and research at Newcastle in the Teaching-Research Nexus session at the Society for Experimental Biology Annual Meeting in Gothenburg. Back in Newcastle, JC and Vanessa delivered a workshop on employability at the Employability and Student Enterprise Conference organised by our Careers Service. At the same event Phil presented his Horizons in STEM session for colleagues on campus.

We now have a couple of weeks to recover before Sara and Vanessa head to Sheffield to catch up with James and find out what he has been up to since his move. They are both presenting at the Enhancing Student Learning through Innovative Scholarship conference – Vanessa on matching Bioscience undergraduate skills and employer expectations, and Sara will be delivering a workshop on the future of HE teaching.

This busy time of year provides us with excellent opportunities for networking, gathering ideas and thinking about what we might do in the future. You can follow what happened at these events at our twitter page @NewcastleEduca1, and keep checking back on the blog as we’ll be posting some detailed reviews of some of these events and what we have taken from them.


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